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About me

I am genuinely obsessive about 'creating' and 'making' photographs. A good number of my hours are spent thinking about images I would like to take and thinking how best to go about creating them.


From about the age of 12, I realised that I could record things - and that continues to grow within me and is largely the driving force behind my work. Over time it became clear it was the landscape, which provided me with the greatest potential to articulate my feelings about the world. For within it lay the elements of great images and it was purely up to me to display them in a way that I saw fitting.


Through trial and error I began to understand the style of composition and more importantly the way in which the eye and mind responds to it, a discipline, which is unending. For me, the definitive expression of photography which transcends all others is the landscape photograph where the combination of meticulous planning and good light can convert the everyday into the awe-inspiring - from the run of the mill to the amazing. Recording those moments which will never again recur is a theme which I have pursued with enthusiasm and whilst much of my work posses a strong sense of place, it is always about the moment.

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