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This page is to record some of my recent competiton winners

It's fun to take part in competitions - after all - if you don't enter you'll never win! 


Sometimes it's the subject of the competition that gets you out shooting or, in some rare cases you have the image and then the right competition comes along.


Happy shooting!

The Glasgow Landmarks Photographic Competiton

Glasgow Mackintosh Group has allowed a spotlight to be placed on Glasgow's architectural beauty and its importance to Glasgow as a city. The photographic competition was open to any member of the public to enter, and asked photographers to simply take their best image of one of Glasgow's Landmark Buildings.

My image was of the Clyde Audiotorium from the front with a wide lens.


Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014 (SLPOTY)

Urban Landscape - Runner Up


My image here was taken from a helicopter trip I had as payment fro previous photography work I had done.

This is the City of Glasgow and the River Clyde all the way down to the 'tail of the bank' at Greenock.


Webpage HERE

Worldwide Photowalk 2013

Every year there is an event called 'The Worldwide Photowalk' and it was created by American Photographer Scott Kelby.  This year I joined the Glasgow MacIntosh Trail walk.

We strolled through many areas and up past Glasgow University.

There was a wedding on at the time - and then this image happened.

It was selected as the best image in our walk and then went on to become one of the Highly Commended images of the event.  It was discussed around the 50 miniute mark HERE

Landscape Photographer of the Year 2012

Adult Living The View - Highly commended


My image here was taken on a really cold winters day - all the elements just came together for an few seconds and I was fortunate to be there and have my camera ready.  Canon G11 compact.


Webpage HERE

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